Direct Connection to Your 3D Application
Creating textures using 2D applications and including these in your 3D scene involves a lot of manual setup and a lot of application switching. BodyPaint 3D offers plugins to easily exchange models, textures and UVs between BodyPaint 3D and popular 3D applications like 3ds max, Maya, XSI and LightWave 3D.

32-Bit Color Depth and HDR Editing
With BodyPaint 3D R3 you can work with more depth than ever before. Now you can paint in up to 32-bit color depth, which gives even more texture control and incredibly smooth color gradations. BodyPaint 3D also enables editing of HDR and EXR formats letting you to use these powerful formats in your 3D scenes

Painting Over Multiple Objects
BodyPaint 3D can paint over multiple objects using a single stroke. Projection painting allows distortion-free painting across multiple objects to eliminate seams and get the results you want - which is not possible in 2D!

Tools, Tools, Tools
More than 200 presets put a wide array of natural media and special effects brushes within easy reach. Clone, Smear, Smudge, Dodge and Burn, Gradient, Magic Wand, transform tools and more are all available within the easy to use interface.

System Requirements:
Windows 8.1 64-bit (all versions)
Windows 7 64-bit (all versions)

Apple Mac OS X 10.7.5~(and higher)

Bodypaint 3D R16

Complimentary Products

Form Z Renderzone

Additional Information

Say hello to hassle-free texturing that lets you quickly paint highly detailed textures directly on your 3D objects.

Key Features:

Raybrush Technology MAXON BodyPaint 3D's exclusive RayBrush technology allows you to paint directly onto a raytraced image.

Projection painting offers hitherto unknown comfort when painting textures onto complex geometry. Visible seams at UV edges are now a thing of the past. The detachable projection layers in particular make this process easier by letting objects or images be placed freely before the projection is applied.

UV editing solutions that ensure your models and their materials line up properly.

Painting in 3D is governed by UVs, a set of coordinates that relate polygons to texturing areas. Properly designed UV coordinates are essential to successful painting and quality texturing in 3D.